Saturday, November 20, 2010

my week in pictures- stuff on walls

Surry Hills

Surry Hills




Surry Hills

Friday, November 19, 2010

Antler Girl in Plushie Palooza today!

Oooh! Antler Girl is on Kid Independent today as part of their Plushie Palooza!

Go over there and leave a comment to vote for her. Go on. Only if you like. Pretty please. But no pressure.

Do't forget to enter the giant awesome plushie giveaway too! You could win antler girl and 29 other plushies! Ace!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

PepperStitches Pocket Cushions Project in Kids Crafternoon

I have been invited to participate by the lovely Kathreen from Whip Up in a sewing book for kids called 'Kids Crafternoon'. How exciting! Hooray! These are the samples of my sewing project in the book, a 'Pocket Cushion' that reuses pockets from old clothes and are perfect for hiding secret treasures in. The book is due for publishing in July next year, I'll be showing you then anyway!
I am very excited, yes?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

my creative space- pattern rage

I found a pattern for dolls clothes at my local op-shop for one dollar. I couldn't resist and have sewn two little dresses and a pair of overalls, but not before throwing a bit of a tantrum and making several parts up as a went along.
The overalls were okay, but attaching the collar to the dress? Oh My!

The pattern says; with right sides up, pin collar sections to neck edge, matching notches, placing circles at centre seams.. Baste. Stitch.

Okay so far so good, done that.

Then it goes on; Turn collar seam allowance toward bodice (um..what the?)

On outside, stitch on bodice close to neck seam thru (sic) the seam allowance. Okay WHAT THE HEL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

The picture gives no clue. I have no idea. I ended up ripping seam and starting again, this time putting wrong side up, so I could flip the collar and sew again on the right side. But it is slightly messy and obviously-not-quite-right.

Does anyone know what I'm missing? And do you get pattern rage too? I'd love to hear about it, it would make me less likely to shred the offending section into little-eeny-tiny pieces..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

plushie palooza @ Kid Independent

I'm very excited to be a part of Plushie Palooza at KidIndependent, a blog of lovely handmade indie loveliness for kids and mums. Plushie Palooza is a month full of handmade plushies so cute you’ll want to squeeze them till their stuffing pops out; a toy festival and swag bonanza celebrating the handmade toy.

Every day an ace plush will be featured on the blog, until 30 November, 2010. You can vote on your favourites by adding a comment to the corresponding post. There will be a few spot prizes along the way, so be sure to drop by daily. At the end of the festival, the plushie with the most votes will win the Golden Plushie award!

My antler girl will be featured on November 16th, feel free to drop by and vote for me! Hooray!

And OHMYGOODNESS you can win ALL thirty of the featured plushies! (enter the prize draw here ) what an awesome giant bag of awsomeness! What would you do with 30 plushies? And just before Christmas! (if you can bear to give them away. No pun intended)

Good luck!

(text excerpts and banner image via KIDIndependent)