Saturday, March 12, 2011

my week in pictures

- cinnamon popcorn
- visit to the beach
- sewing bearded dolls and listening to the rain
- a visit to 'the clog barn'. Lots of clogs, and delicious pancakes
- also has a model village and little moving train. Cute!
- the neighbours goat had a kid. Also Cute!
- birthday campfire with friends
Feels funny posting about such trivial things with such a disaster so near. But this was my week.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my creative space- today I am

- cutting out telephone animals from lovely vintage fabrics
- drinking cups of tea from a green mug
- being a little tired; would a nap would leave me refreshed or a-bit-cranky?
- wishing it would cool down again, with or without a bit of rain
- wondering when my housemates will arrive home today after their NZ trip
- thinking about my birthday tommorow and being 28 years old
- dreaming of a tattoo for a birthday present
- reading lots of lovely blogs and chatting to a new friend online
- planning what I will make next, probably a grizzly bear wearing jeans
- listening to jose gonzalez, bon iver and chopin

see more creative spaces here

(and have a lovely day x)

superhero bears

Continuing with the superhero theme lately, I've made some superhero bears; just like the dress-up bears but with embroidered glasses and features, and a superhero cape with felt intial.

Superhero bears like to fit heroic deeds in between soft cuddles. They also like reading cereal boxes, watching birds fly (for tips) and drinking lemonade. Made out of reclaimed blankets, this bear is soft and cuddly. He has embroidered glasses and features, and his cape is made from a repurposed collared shirt with easy velcro fasteners to take the cape on and off as needed for superhero duties. The initial on his cape could stand for anything you like. Superhero bears are very good friends and wonderful playmates. They are good at keeping secrets and giving hugs, and will make a loyal friend.

Superhero bears in my etsy, madeit and blue caravan shops.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bearded folk men dolls

Bearded folk men like drinking tea on steps, patting dogs and playing guitar in folk bands. They are ready to make friends and will make loyal and trustworthy companions.

They are also available as a custom item, if you’d like your favourite colour. Or if you have a bearded friend you’d like to immortalise in cute bearded doll fashion.

Bearded folk man dolls in my bluecaravan, etsy and madeit shops now.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

time measured in tea

Do you ever look back on a day, a week, a month, even a year, and wonder what you’ve done? How did I fill that time? It feels like I have not gotten anything done, though I must have.

I have done stuff, but what did I do?

All I know for sure that I have drank enough tea to circumnavigate the earth.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"it's so fluffy I'm gonna die"

You may know that I have an impressive collection of animation movies. I love them. My latest addition is “despicable me". Have you seen it? Gru is awesome, his accent rocks too and the minions are adorable.

So when I saw these arigumi minons, I just about fell off my chair. Cute, no?

For the free pattern, visit WolfDreamer.

(ps. the title of this post is my favourite line in the movie, said by a little girl when she sees a giant stuffed unicorn)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

giveaway winner!

And the winner of the folk man doll (I used the very schmancy method of writing all the names on little bits of paper, and drawing them out of a teapot)
is emma from lovelybutton! Her son looks like the folk man doll (without the beard part), and her daughter is named Pepper! How funny is that?
Congrats Emma! Please email me your address and he'll be on his way to you in a jiffy!



I will miss him, I must make more. I think I am having a beard phase. We've seen the antler and scarf phase, now it's time for beards.

hooray! autumn!

Today is the first day of autumn. Autumn is my favourite season. Hooray!

(Today was actually over 40 degrees, unbearably stifling and bright. But let's not focus on that, mmm? Not long now until thunderstorms, scarves, quilts and mugs of hot chocolate.)