Tuesday, April 21, 2009

does he look remorseful?

So I really ought to be in bed, but I couldn't resist showing you my first plushie for this exhibition. His emotion is 'remorse'. or 'regret'. I can't decide. (Ok I know they're basically the same thing, but which word is better? Or does he just look worried?)
He's going to be a set of three I've decided, soon to be joined by 'suspicion' and 'revenge'.

Apologies for the photo, bad light and a little blurry; better photos to come once I get my official photographer on the case!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Creating a plush for tryout for entry into this exhibition. I love the teeny eeny green scarf.

Wanderings, festival and music on a Saturday afternoon.

Beer on the steps. Aah.
How was your weekend?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

when trapped under a building by an earthquake

Don't panic. You may be trapped in your bed under the ruins of your house, under piles of rubble, unsure of whether you will be rescued or die alone, but that's no reason not to crochet. Like a 98 yr old Italian Grandma did for 30 hours. When she was rescued what was the first thing she asked for before being taken to hospital? a comb.

Doing it with craft and style. I love it.
Read the full article here

Thanks R, for sharing this story!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

vroom vroom

I don't know about you, but I tend to ignore my body and assume that it will keep going, like a beat up car. Yes I know it's a cliche, but I guess the analogy works or it wouldn't be a cliche, would it? Most of the time I don't pay much attention to my body and generally just take the whole lot for granted.
I made my own book with a blue Volkswagen stitched on the front. 'Cause if my body IS a car, I would like it to be a quirky, cute, independent, striking and comfortable love-bug. (but not inspired at request of a murderous dictator. not that part.)

and yes, that is a embroidery hoop crease you see, not ironed out. Damn impatience.

I'll use this book for open letters to body parts ( for example my knees. under-appreciated.) a journal of what i actually eat (yes, other people's Easter eggs count) and how I move. The idea being that by paying attention I'll take better care of myself, eat better (harder to eat junk if I find myself apologising to myself continually), and be more aware of how I move; also to foster some love for those little heralded bits (knee example works here too); before the whole thing breaks down on me.

It's very pretty, and much easier than I thought. The inside is lined with brown paper, and I just stitched around all the edges using my sewing machine (popped in a ribbon for a bookmark first), then stitched in some paper.

And just to show you the back. I really liked it, seemed a shame to cover it up.

And something else I stitched this weekend. Cheese, I know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

off into the world!

I dropped off my very first toy as part of the Toy Society. (Edit: Drop#203!)
Basically you make a toy then release it into the wild! Each one has a tag on it explaining that it really is for you to take home, and invites finders to log their find on the toy society blog.
You can see the blog here, and photos of all 191 drops so far around the world!

I decided to let the little yellow monster free, and made up a tag and envelope from brown paper and pages from 'The Jungle Book'.

At first I wanted to leave him in the playground in my favourite park, and I tried to get up early so I could leave him inconspicuously, but alas, there were people and prams and kidlets everywhere. Plan B was a little park near my house enclosed by tall hedges and a squeaky gate. It was deserted on a cloudy morning and success!
Here he is, waiting patiently on the swing to be found.

It felt a little strange leaving him there and walking away, guess you get a little attached to the things you make. I do hope he's OK (and it doesn't rain!)

Friday, April 10, 2009

cup 'o tea?

I sat down and made tea cup pin cushions, using this tutorial .

I bought a box of tea cups a few weeks ago from an op-shop (and carried them all the way home), planning to make candles out of them. But these are cute too (and quite fitting that as I'm surrounded by empty and half full cups of tea I'll be plucking pins from tea cups as well).
I like to 70's thing goin' on with the brown. They're not as dainty or elegant as the antique/pretty/rose covered cups, but they're sturdy and handy. I'm already storing little bits and pieces in the saucers as well, and I'm glad I made two.

matchbox belts and fishing lure accessories

Spent some time lazing around today looking at my old craft books, mostly picked up from op-shops for a few dollars, but full of techniques, old and new. I love these buckles, particulary the matchbox and portrait ones (enlarged below).
also a necklace made out of a fishing lure? of course!

well goodness me

Goodness me I am so excited this morning I don't quite know what to do with myself. Four days stretch before me in which to follow my whims and fancies. So much time, so many things I want to do.make.read.plant.sew.draw.
I want to draw some more embroidery patterns
I would like to make a teacup pin cushion like this one
I would like to put on robots and make my house sparkly and fresh
I want to write some letters and maybe join up for a swap
I would like to plant some seedlings and look after my lemon tree
I would like to have a go and making my own notebook like this gorgeous one
I would like to read some of the stack of library books on my bed

And that's just today.
I've been up early (thank you, daylight savings), and have been wandering through lovely blogs, making pancakes and drinking tea. Now what shall I do first?

Happy Easter Everyone!

If you'd like to download a printable easter card from the lovely bunny picture above, I found it here.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Martha Martha Martha!

Do I think it's cheesy? Yes. Do I want it anyway? Yes.

Cute things

Cute things from this shop.

Octopus sock print
Antique leaf hair clip
peas in a pod necklace
cats in boat print

(and yes, I should be working, but window shopping is so much more fun! shhh... I'll catch up later, I promise)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

reclaim your brain pattern

A pattern I drew for stitching. Ironically I was watching TV at the time. Then I realised and switched on music instead.
I feel very vague today. Hmmmm. vague. See? Having trouble writing a sentence. Feel the need for chocolate and hugs. Maybe a hug MADE of chocolate. Mmm. Keep truckin' on. (Ooh that gives me an idea for another pattern...)

Monday, April 6, 2009

library bag

When I was searching through old photos for my 'the long drive' post (unsuccessfully), I came across these pics of a library bag I sewed for my neice. The little doll is all in matching fabrics (even her little undies; 'cause you can't go around wearing not-matching undies..) and fits in the little pocket at the front. It was fun to make, and I think it's cute as hell.
Now my sis has another one on the way, another gorgeous neice/nephew and I will get to make more cute stuff! Until I have my own. Then it will all be mine! Mwahahaha!