Thursday, February 26, 2009

etsy shop grand opening!

The elves have been busy, and a lovely banner heads the page with 11 items now for sale. Do feel free to drop by and browse! the stores name is pepperstiches, and you can find it here.

Some of the items are custom order only, and I think that's the way to go. I'lll keep on my projects and pop them up, if anyone would like one I can whip up another!

It feels a little empty (although the shelves are lined with monsters) and I have plans already for the weekend.. tea cup candles and embroider cushions and I'd love to have a go at resin necklaces. hrmm...

I couldn't get the photos quite as light as I would've liked.. but early days, I will get it eventually! If you have any ideas for items for my shop (ooh it's a little thrilling to say that! 'my shop'!) drop me a email or comment!


I posted a while back about my friend coming to service my sewing machine *tee hee*. Well he has and she runs beautifully. To say thanks I made him a big furry creature with a skull face, I was kinda going with a 'Day of the Dead' thing (he's mexican) and planned to embroider these rad (I can't belive I just said rad) tattoos of skulls, roses and bones on the arms. Kinda like these sweet dolls.

Didn't really think ahead though and realised too late that it would be easier to embroider designs, then sew fabric into arms. Doh. So no tatts for this fellow, next time..

and all done! this photo doesn't show the arms though.. I sewed them on later.

I was mucking around with an idea for eyebrows- what do you think?

By the way, his name is now Edwardo and he's very happy in his new home.
I've got the materials for one more, so I'm going to pop his pics in my shop as a custom order item.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great Monster Sew!

Today the sun came out! it has been raining/drizzling/cloudy in Sydney for what seems like ages but has probably only been a week, and the strong warm light over the streets this afternoon made me whistle as I cycled purposefully to the art supply store. That, and the unexpected good mood I've enjoyed all day. Or the very cute boy I saw this morning. Maybe all of the above.

Yay! Here are all the little monsters from the Great Monster Sew.



To tell you a secret, there's actually two more monster bodies cut and waiting on the sewing table, but this ship has sailed, this mojo has flown and my hands are on to other things. Enough monsters for now. They will be sweet little extras when I feel the urge.

Don't ask me what I'm going to do with them. So many monsters. They are snug in an old yellow suitcase for the moment.

I'm popping this one in for Meet Me At Mikes Make-a-Long for February (felt theme). Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!


Picked these little babies up at the art supply store this afternoon. They remind me of vintage and bracelets, and they sit on my sewing machine now like a cute little row of, well, dolls.


You can't quite see, but under my old sewing machine is a lovely Singer felt mat, and in her little arm she is holding new feet and accesories. I have a new friend, and he services sewing machines. Tee hee hee. I can't quite say it without thinking of 70's porn music 'ooh baby, service my machine.. take a look at my paaarts' Boom chuka waa waa.. He's quite cute too. (E if you ever somehow read this, please don't tell me. I will be embarassed.)
Anyway, I have plans for a new project, a gift for said friend who is so kindly donating his skill and time to *snicker* service my machine.. It's kinda a longhaired creature with a skull face and day of the dead tattoos. I will tell all, but right now I am off to bed with a book.


I just checked out the anti-valentine day comp at dabbled, and although I didn't win, I am up as a FINALIST for the PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD!! So still excited! head over to and have a squiz at the finalists, there's some cute-as stuff. You can vote for your favourite (I won't mind if it's not mine, honest!) Mine is the skeleton at the very bottom, if you missed my previous post.
Go on, have a look! (and vote for me! no, don't.. but do!)

skeleton heart 2

Thursday, February 12, 2009

anti-valentines day contest

Yay! Finished my skeleton in time to enter into Anti-Valentine Comp! I started it a whiles ago and posted a pic, here he is ready to put together..

and here with his heart.

I may sew a head on him. I may not.

you can see comp entries here. Lots of amazing arts. I plan to bunker down on v day with Johnny Depp movies and not a soppy song in sight!
Excited about our Friday the 13th Theme Party tomorow night.. Spent the night listening to music, drinking wine and strategically placing cobwebs. Then I gave up on strategic and just draped them everywhere.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Check out some gorgeous and random linoleum creations, you can also bid on an awesome clock, with the proceeds of the sale going towards the Victorian Bushfire Appeal. Go on, have a look! It's all at Lino Forest

{picture from Lino Forest}

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm made of plasticine

Found some more guerrilla knitting on my way home with groceries, this one just across the road from the park where I found the last one.

Chatted with a friend yesterday about Wallace & Gromit (best claymation ever), and we wondered what we'd look like as claymations. Here's what I might look like, if I was a very amateur claymation.

Step 1: Pick up some old-school plasticine from the art supply store on your way home from work

Step 2: drawing and creating wire amature (yep, that's what's it called. I did some research!)

Step 3: buiding up body

Step 4: woila! She's a little bowlegged, has webbed fingers and HUGE feet, but hey, she's alright!

Now it's your turn! Love to see any pics- please link back!
I didn't go out on the weekend and gave my ticket to gig to a friend to enjoy- he brought over flowers to say thank you and I swooned. So old-school, so classic. I love receiving flowers! (take note..)

Also ordered some books today- stoked!- will show you when they arrive- can't wait!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

cosy poles and caterpillars

I took this pic a while back, some guerrilla knitting in newtown. I've seen a few poles all snuggly like this, it makes me smile. Makes me think of children's stories and talking inanimate objects and randomness that nudges into the un-ordinary. Oh the whimsy!

My Creative Space today. I've seen some other creative spaces in blogs around and thought I'd share mine today.
I was little hungover (I'm never drinking again.. again.) Spent most of the day on that lovely blue couch continuing the 'Great Monster Sew' while watching entire season 5 of Scrubs. Love that little basket I picked up at op-shop (with horse head bookends) makes all that little fiddly sewing stuff portable and looks darn cute. Note the cup of tea. I've started a tally. Do you think 8 cups a day is too much?

Thinking of joining the Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest, thinking my skeleton is going well and might fit the bill. Or something maybe dripping with felt blood.. I ought to be getting some office work done, but imagining twisted little heartbroken creatures, designs, patterns and details much more satisfying. Will get back to you on this one.

In between episodes I battled the Caterpillar Invasion. All week we have found dozens of these hariy critters wriggling across our floors with freakishly long spiny hairs. Why??.... why???

Thursday, February 5, 2009

some stuff I've made

seeing as I can't make anything for a while...(darn work. stronger expletives are going though my mind, but that will do. This is a G rated site. Well, so far.) Here's some other stuff to look at until I get back tooo it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009



(Aawww) Called a 'smitten', you can found pattern & instructions here at coco knits page.

Aso like this super cute mitten & scarf combo

and their 'rebag' made from plastic bags

Good time to start now for winter.. hint hint..

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday and monsters

On Sunday I went to Dub Club in the park. Love the little dude hangin out in the tree.

My friends sunnies broke. The arm broke off. So my other friend immediately scouted for a loose bit of thread from someone's shirt, grabbed a needle, and set to sewing it back on. So DIY.

On the way I found this mystery masked man in an alleyway. He looks like he's savin the world from something. Even if it's just from another boring alleyway wall. (was on the phone to you mim, when spotted it)

Also started THE GREAT MONSTER SEW. Months ago I made a little monster. My friend R immediately claimed him, named him Weeoo and he's lived on her bed ever since.

Stage 1- Here he is amongst the fabrics of his soon-to-be friends.

(and here's his little stitched bum)

Stage 2- the feetses and ears are sewed up, awaiting stuffing and the next step.

I will keep you posted..