Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday and monsters

On Sunday I went to Dub Club in the park. Love the little dude hangin out in the tree.

My friends sunnies broke. The arm broke off. So my other friend immediately scouted for a loose bit of thread from someone's shirt, grabbed a needle, and set to sewing it back on. So DIY. Love.it.

On the way I found this mystery masked man in an alleyway. He looks like he's savin the world from something. Even if it's just from another boring alleyway wall. (was on the phone to you mim, when spotted it)

Also started THE GREAT MONSTER SEW. Months ago I made a little monster. My friend R immediately claimed him, named him Weeoo and he's lived on her bed ever since.

Stage 1- Here he is amongst the fabrics of his soon-to-be friends.

(and here's his little stitched bum)

Stage 2- the feetses and ears are sewed up, awaiting stuffing and the next step.

I will keep you posted..

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