Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Great Monster Sew!

Today the sun came out! it has been raining/drizzling/cloudy in Sydney for what seems like ages but has probably only been a week, and the strong warm light over the streets this afternoon made me whistle as I cycled purposefully to the art supply store. That, and the unexpected good mood I've enjoyed all day. Or the very cute boy I saw this morning. Maybe all of the above.

Yay! Here are all the little monsters from the Great Monster Sew.



To tell you a secret, there's actually two more monster bodies cut and waiting on the sewing table, but this ship has sailed, this mojo has flown and my hands are on to other things. Enough monsters for now. They will be sweet little extras when I feel the urge.

Don't ask me what I'm going to do with them. So many monsters. They are snug in an old yellow suitcase for the moment.

I'm popping this one in for Meet Me At Mikes Make-a-Long for February (felt theme). Feel free to drop by and leave a comment!


Picked these little babies up at the art supply store this afternoon. They remind me of vintage and bracelets, and they sit on my sewing machine now like a cute little row of, well, dolls.


You can't quite see, but under my old sewing machine is a lovely Singer felt mat, and in her little arm she is holding new feet and accesories. I have a new friend, and he services sewing machines. Tee hee hee. I can't quite say it without thinking of 70's porn music 'ooh baby, service my machine.. take a look at my paaarts' Boom chuka waa waa.. He's quite cute too. (E if you ever somehow read this, please don't tell me. I will be embarassed.)
Anyway, I have plans for a new project, a gift for said friend who is so kindly donating his skill and time to *snicker* service my machine.. It's kinda a longhaired creature with a skull face and day of the dead tattoos. I will tell all, but right now I am off to bed with a book.


Kuka said...

aaah! your monsters are so cute!! I love them!

Dot said...

ya know, you should link to your blog from your flickr profile.

I adore the monsters... so cool. I'm planning to make monsters sometime soon. Well, it's on my list. sometime.

Like your blog!

Anonymous said...

hey i want one! u could send monster to ur favourite twin! seen my blog lately ? xo

Meg said...

Wow these are so cute!!! What did you use for the eyes? I love the eyes- it's great how they reflect the light but are also just a solid color.