Sunday, February 8, 2009

cosy poles and caterpillars

I took this pic a while back, some guerrilla knitting in newtown. I've seen a few poles all snuggly like this, it makes me smile. Makes me think of children's stories and talking inanimate objects and randomness that nudges into the un-ordinary. Oh the whimsy!

My Creative Space today. I've seen some other creative spaces in blogs around and thought I'd share mine today.
I was little hungover (I'm never drinking again.. again.) Spent most of the day on that lovely blue couch continuing the 'Great Monster Sew' while watching entire season 5 of Scrubs. Love that little basket I picked up at op-shop (with horse head bookends) makes all that little fiddly sewing stuff portable and looks darn cute. Note the cup of tea. I've started a tally. Do you think 8 cups a day is too much?

Thinking of joining the Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest, thinking my skeleton is going well and might fit the bill. Or something maybe dripping with felt blood.. I ought to be getting some office work done, but imagining twisted little heartbroken creatures, designs, patterns and details much more satisfying. Will get back to you on this one.

In between episodes I battled the Caterpillar Invasion. All week we have found dozens of these hariy critters wriggling across our floors with freakishly long spiny hairs. Why??.... why???

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