Thursday, November 10, 2011

the mystery of the missing mojo


I’ve been going a teensy crazy. Sitting in my cute studio, holding my man dolls which I love, and drinking tea. I ought to be tickled pink, except I'm not, really. It’s the case of the missing mojo. Again. I know I’ve talked about my mojo a lot, I whinge about it every now and then, and you really are very nice people to listen patiently. Please humour me (or go do something else. That’s ok, I don’t mind a bit, honestly.)

It’s just that my creative mojo is a finicky creature, I need to treat it gently, nurture it, and oh definitely listen to it. Or it up and goes, and I am left spending my time staring out the window/playing cards/reading a book on the couch/whinging about things to you, dear reader. Or perhaps it’s still there. Hiding in a corner with a slight petulant scowl saying NO.. in a little voice. And stamping it’s little feet. my mojo refuses to cooperate, and it becomes a struggle.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve rearranged and labeled everything in a satisfying way. I’ve bought a new lamp. I’ve brought tea and chocolate reinforcements. I even bought a little oven timer in an effort to work solidly for a block of time. I’ve thought of a gazillion reasons to want to sew; but I.don’ I make myself and force every.stitch. Which makes me feel rubbish. After all, I have my own studio, full of materials and a nice big table and light and time; how lucky am I?

Well it turns out my mojo doesn't like being told what to do. The thought of making another doll the same as the last ones just doesn't So it's gone on strike, and I went and got a job. However, the idea of drawing my mojo for this very post made me want to stride into the studio immediately. Excitement and new ideas, this is the foodstuff of the mojo. I want to make things I have never tried, have my own exhibition of soft sculptures with pointy detailed not-suitable-for-children bits, I want to make things until I am satisfied, not until they are good enough. I want to make things for the love of it, not the money.

SO I am working hard to finish off orders, and thinking hard and carefully about my next step, and how I will coax my mojo back.

Does this happen to you?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

plush you!

(all photos via Schmancy)

Plush You! is an annual exhibition of plush toys, curated by the ace Kristen Rask of Schmancy Toys in Seattle (You may also recognize the name from the book they brought out a few years back). I was super-excited to be part of this years show with my bearded men!

I've had a look on the interwebs (alas I did not fly to the US for the show. Woulda been nice.) at some of the artists, and good heavens.
This gal is my fav, methinks. Although it's very very hard to choose. You can see a bit about it here on Unanimous Craft, or you can read my interview with Kirsten on the Schmancy blog over here along with a whole lotta interviews from plush artists and links to their work.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

around these parts

I framed my favourite Copenhagen souvenier, set up a drawing space (complete with cat belly), carved my first pumpkin and loved these flowers.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

:: Quotation

" If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself.

Rollo May