Monday, May 31, 2010

shop update- quilts

This lovely soft quilt measures 220cm x 180cm, big enough to fit lots of friends, and is from upcycled pillow slips in blue, white and cream. It features original embroidered slips (just like the one's at Nanna's place) and a checkered back.While made to be a picnic blanket, it would also make a lovely bedspread or light quilt.
*note that as this item is made from upcycled materials, some light stains are visible, but are hardly noticable unless you're looking for them.

This baby quilt measures 100cm x 115cm and is made from upcycled bedding covers in lovely pastel spring colours and a butterfly print. It's perfect for baby to lie on and play on in the park, or to use as a bedspread or light baby or toddler quilt.

*note that this item is reduced due to some not-quite-perfect stitching. This is aesthetic only and the quilt is still lovely and functional and will wear as normal.
These quilts are made from some of this catch. They are simple but sweet (nothing like this quilt). In my shop now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Cathy from Chunky Chooky stitched another of my designs! Yay!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

snowglobe pincushions

(Please excuse my grubby fingers.)

A while ago I bought some tiny horses and deer from this shop, and this week I turned them into snowglobe pincushions. Because they ought to go together, don't you think? I think they need a shorter name (snow cushion? globe pin?) and I'm still working out the best way to make them, I think my glitter is a little clumpy from the glycerine, and the sealer kinda smudged the glass a bit. I like prototypes though, it's a bit exciting to try new things. I can show you how to make them if you like.
Do you have prototypes? What do you do with them? I'm collecting a bit of a drawer of first-go's and 'oopsies' (or @#%$, depending on the case). I was thinking of using them for a toy drop, but it feels a bit rude to use something I wouldn't sell. And there's a limit to how many I can give to family and friends. Really. Maybe I will chop them up?
Do you remember this prototype? Well I have some real-darn deer to show you, with antlers and everything but I left my camera at a party on the weekend, so I can't. It was a good party.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

brown owls @ the pub

On Wednesday night (I know it's Saturday. I um forgot I had photos to post) we had a lovely Brown Owls gathering, knitting and embroidering and chatting away, meeting new owls and owls from different places, and learning new things. Beer was had, wedges were shared and the turnout was so big we took over an entire section of the pub. (Please excuse the photos which are dark and blurry, due to blown lighting we were sitting in 'mood lighting', which made for a bit of squinty eyes, a few missed stitches and not-so-good photos.)
We chatted about having a meeting at the premises of ArtSparks, an art & sewing school for kids that has facilities including big tables and a bank of sewing machines! We chatted about work and babies and projects and admired one another's handiwork. I learnt about circular knitting needles and that yarns are made from twisted together strands called plies, which is why the more plies in a wool the thicker. Ah-huh. Also wool comes in skeins, not just floss. Also how to pronounce skeins (like 'veins' not 'vines'). I started a white soft scarf (because I still can only knit in straight lines). Plus I arranged to adopt Amy's market umbrella for my upcoming markets. It's all coming together..
Much fun for Brown Owls! Yay!

Friday, May 21, 2010


there's my VW embroidery pattern stitched by the lovely Cathy from Chunky Chooky, featured on the Feeling Stitchy blog!

there's my Winter Fox featured on Kid Independent!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

tonight, we knit


Tonight I am knitting with Brown Owls. In the interest of research (and to stop myself looking at the clock quite-so-much) here are some knitting-related badges and magnets.
(Procrastinate? me? noooooo..)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

this week/ last week

Last week I
- had a cold
- found some books in a lane way

- stuffed plush raindrops
- received an invitation to my high school reunion
- watched Avatar
- rearranged the studio

- cooked yummy soup
- dreamt of camping and crocodiles
- made a snow globe pincushion
- was cranky at work

- ate peanut butter ice cream

This week I am
- still coughing
- looking forward to knitting at Brown Owls
- watching Robin Hood at the movies
- have a pimple on my chin. Arrgh!
- working on new cushions
- making new blog friends
- wondering about my job
- looking forward to the forecasted rain
- hoping your week is lovely

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my week in pictures

We had a house BBQ to welcome our new housemates. They are awesome. I made party bunting and candle holders from jars and wire. We stayed up Very. Late. Indeed.

I found random mosaics on the way home.

Played Stratego with the Boy. Lost. Several times...

Foxes. Pretty bright foxes with lovely tails. (blogger? sideways pictures again? why?)

I saw a possum

The lovely necklace from this giveaway arrived (isn't it pretty)!

Also bleached hair on impulse. Kindaaa turned out pineapple. I hope I'm a cute pineapple.

Oops I forgot!

My Friday Follower! Sorry ‘bout that!

This week I introduce the lovely Kathy from
Chunky Chooky- if you haven't already met. Kathy was one of my first followers and her encouragment and comments really kept me going in those weeks where I wondered over the sanity of blogging in between working, studying, life-in-general. She makes VERY CUTE plushies and rattles in lovely bold prints, the kind of stuff that makes me sigh and think of little fingers holding them... ANYWAY, do go have a read, she is down-to-earth, lovely, kind and funny. Here's her etsy shop too.
Considering my unpredictable schedule I figured that setting up a regular blogging theme like this doesn’t really work for me, but I still want to show you some of my favourite blogs and say thank you to my followers, so instead I give you the blog love of the moment tab on the side there. I’ll keep featuring followers and my favourite blogs, but gives me some more leeway in scheduling! I love finding new bloggy favourites through other people's blogs, I hope this will give you a chance to find some more too.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I want

This Book. You can buy it here, or a signed copy here.
Or buy me one. If you like.
Papercuts, I love. Mister rob does them very well. Check out his lovely etsy shop.
If you like paper too, check out this blog.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Leon, Leonie and baby Maddox

DSC06792, originally uploaded by Licorice Tree / Tobiah P. Mundt.

Remember Leon? He was one of my entries into my first group exhibition. He has tattoos of a skull and a flaming heart. He was bought by the lovely Tobiah for her gorgeous baby Maddox. Isn't he cute? Oh. My Goodness. Just check out her flickr stream.

This is Leonie. She has tattoos of stars and cherry blossoms. She left last week to go half way around the world and hang out with Leon, Maddox and Tobiah.

Good bye! Have fun you guys!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've always wanted..

a caravan.


Plus you can see much more caravan lovliness in this flickr group.