Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh My.

Have you been to regretsy blog? Some are okay. Some are CRAZY. Why people? WHY??
It's much like what not to crochet, but showing creations found on etsy. Painted pillowcase. Religious statues. Hand etched portrait, space time clock and necklaces. If a kid made it, I'd love. If I knew they were doing it tongue-in-cheek, I'd giggle. Sure to make you feel better about your latest crafty disaster, but guilty for scoffing at something that someone has obviously spent time and care creating. (This one I could actually get, it made me almost fall off my chair.)
All in all if your cranky (like I have been today) it might cheer you up, but be warned, it's all a bit bitchy really. I'm indulging my inner-bitch. I don't do that often, I much more comfortable with being nice. But I AM cranky today. I might make cupcakes later and knit a beanie for a stray puppy to restore the equilibrium.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dog's breakfast bib

I made a bib yesterday, with sweet fabric I bought on the weekend (isn't it cute?) that I plastic coated. But the bias binding is all wrong. How do you make it go around curves without looking like a dog's breakfast? It was all wrinkled and dodgy-looking. And my snap closure kept un-closing in a very un-snappy way.

Hopefully I can salvage this one and re-bind it (just got myself a bias binding maker too. Awesome). Otherwise a certain sister may be getting a very defunct gift.

I looked at a few tutorials like this one from Crazy Mom Quilts (oh boy there are a LOT of bib tutorials out there), it advocates sewing it around the front then hand-stitching the back; is this the usual method or does anyone know a faster way?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

mister furry hug bum monster?

These two little guys are about to head to my shop. But what on earth shall I call them??

Friday, March 5, 2010

labels uh-huh

I have been scouting for some nice labels for my plushies and quilts, you know the ones, cute simple little ones sewn into the seam, that make your plush look awfully professional and your name memorable.

These seem to be the go so far, but there are so many darn OPTIONS! satin, twill, cotton, printed, embroidered etc. Do you have any tips /advice /recommendations? Where do you get your labels from?