Wednesday, March 24, 2010

dog's breakfast bib

I made a bib yesterday, with sweet fabric I bought on the weekend (isn't it cute?) that I plastic coated. But the bias binding is all wrong. How do you make it go around curves without looking like a dog's breakfast? It was all wrinkled and dodgy-looking. And my snap closure kept un-closing in a very un-snappy way.

Hopefully I can salvage this one and re-bind it (just got myself a bias binding maker too. Awesome). Otherwise a certain sister may be getting a very defunct gift.

I looked at a few tutorials like this one from Crazy Mom Quilts (oh boy there are a LOT of bib tutorials out there), it advocates sewing it around the front then hand-stitching the back; is this the usual method or does anyone know a faster way?


Anonymous said...

Mine look the same too!
I hope you find an easy answer to this bias problem!

Rebecca said...

how did you plastic coat it? is it a second layer of material or do you have some fancy pants thing that I dont know about?

Estelle said...

You Tube has some really good tutorials for sewing bias binding, but practice is probably the biggest ingredient. I sew lot's of bib's for my kids and I'm still pretty shonky :)

Cady said...

I think it helps if you iron the bias tape to have a curve before even attempting to sew it on - dampen it, and work it into a curve while ironing. Hopefully that saves you some angst (maybe look up bias taping necklines?)