Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm made of plasticine

Found some more guerrilla knitting on my way home with groceries, this one just across the road from the park where I found the last one.

Chatted with a friend yesterday about Wallace & Gromit (best claymation ever), and we wondered what we'd look like as claymations. Here's what I might look like, if I was a very amateur claymation.

Step 1: Pick up some old-school plasticine from the art supply store on your way home from work

Step 2: drawing and creating wire amature (yep, that's what's it called. I did some research!)

Step 3: buiding up body

Step 4: woila! She's a little bowlegged, has webbed fingers and HUGE feet, but hey, she's alright!

Now it's your turn! Love to see any pics- please link back!
I didn't go out on the weekend and gave my ticket to gig to a friend to enjoy- he brought over flowers to say thank you and I swooned. So old-school, so classic. I love receiving flowers! (take note..)

Also ordered some books today- stoked!- will show you when they arrive- can't wait!

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