Tuesday, April 21, 2009

does he look remorseful?

So I really ought to be in bed, but I couldn't resist showing you my first plushie for this exhibition. His emotion is 'remorse'. or 'regret'. I can't decide. (Ok I know they're basically the same thing, but which word is better? Or does he just look worried?)
He's going to be a set of three I've decided, soon to be joined by 'suspicion' and 'revenge'.

Apologies for the photo, bad light and a little blurry; better photos to come once I get my official photographer on the case!


Amy Woo said...

Hi thought I'd leave a comment, I found your blog through the Flickr Embroidery pool, I was most taken by your beetle stitchery. I love this little guy you've made, good luck with getting him into the exhibition!

Rolley said...

Man you're so tricky!! Love it. His eyes are perfect for regret - he looks struck in sadness - I like regret better : ) remorse is like a regret but mostly for a wrong-doing.. regret is a bit more open, he could regret anything at all, something done, something happened, some opportunity lost..
I've got my fingers crossed for ya, can't wait to see the other two!! :D