Thursday, March 3, 2011

"it's so fluffy I'm gonna die"

You may know that I have an impressive collection of animation movies. I love them. My latest addition is “despicable me". Have you seen it? Gru is awesome, his accent rocks too and the minions are adorable.

So when I saw these arigumi minons, I just about fell off my chair. Cute, no?

For the free pattern, visit WolfDreamer.

(ps. the title of this post is my favourite line in the movie, said by a little girl when she sees a giant stuffed unicorn)


Maria Rose said...

I know a guy who looks EXACTLY like Gru and I can't tell him, it's maddening. Seriously it is uncanny! He dresses the same, same body, same nose.

Fe said...

Wow! What an awesome blog! Just wanted to say thanks for linking to my blog (Rad Linc Crafts).