Saturday, March 12, 2011

my week in pictures

- cinnamon popcorn
- visit to the beach
- sewing bearded dolls and listening to the rain
- a visit to 'the clog barn'. Lots of clogs, and delicious pancakes
- also has a model village and little moving train. Cute!
- the neighbours goat had a kid. Also Cute!
- birthday campfire with friends
Feels funny posting about such trivial things with such a disaster so near. But this was my week.


♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Seems like your week was a great one. Oh, how cute, this baby-goat. Love!! :)
And I know what you mean, it's hard to go on knowing (or not knowing) what's happening in Japan - but we need to go on, don't we?
Enjoy your weekend!!

♥ Nadine ♥ said...

Btw, did you get my email because of the postcard swap? ♥

Banana Smoothies for Strawberry Sundays said...

I want to go to the Clog Barn! Jealous much-a x