Monday, March 30, 2009

mix tape stitchin'

I stitched a mix tape. I like it.

First I drew it, then I taped it to the window to trace onto calicao. Then I watched back-to-back scrubs and stitched it.
Juniper helped. Bit tricky to stitch with a pair of green eyes watching every tremble of the thread.

I was thinking of adding some tape spooling from the bottom and into a love heart- too cheesy? Or just right?

Now thinking of all the things with lines, cords, ropes etc. to spool into words. More to come.

But what shall I do with this one now? Turn it into- a card? a just-for-show piece on the wall? a tiny eeny cushion? I'm open to a vote..

1 comment:

Rolley said...

woah that is so cool, you are so tricky!!! : D I'm envious of your craftyness : ) Can't wait to see more!