Tuesday, August 30, 2011


:: listening to Horse Feathers, my new favourite band. thanks last.fm
painting a little violin for custom order
wondering how I'm going to choose few holiday photos to show you out of gazillions
:: looking forward to working with someone else in the studio
:: reading a novel written entirely without the letter 'e'
drawing ideas for new bearded men. It's a surprise.
planning on starting after-school sewing classes
missing my family. after 4 weeks together, you kinda get used to the constant chaos and being surrounded by love.

happy last-day-of-winter (or last-day-of-summer, depending on where you are!)


shine little light* said...

Lovely list! *s*

♥ Nadine said...

Ah, yes. Last days of summer - that makes me so sad! Lucky you that you can enjoy summer very soon.

Also, I'm totally looking forward to your holiday pictures.
And I'm just curious - what's that novel you're talking about?

Here's to a happy week. xoxo.

Maria Rose said...

Happy last day of winter to you...I am just about to start fall here.

shine little light* said...

Hey thanks for introducing me to Horse Feathers! I dig it! *s*