Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to cheer yourself up

Wait until your drifting around the house aimlessly, sighing every now and then.

Get a pen and paper, and a cup of tea, and write in no particular your top 10 favourites. Favourite tastes, favourite smells, favourite sounds, favourite sights, favourite touches. This may be hard. Particulary if some of what you write is no longer available to you. In fact this may get a lot harder before it gets better. Sorry.

When you’re done, have another cup of tea and a bit of a weep.
Takea deep breath and pick one thing from each list you can do or experience right away.

Do them.

I went to the park under big trees, watched some clouds while listening to music on my ipod and feeling the grass between my toes. Then I ate mangoes in the sun, called my sister and heard her laugh and went home to hug a friend and sew a monster.

If it works out, you'll have a bittersweet feeling that although you've lost some things, there's still things in the world that make you smile. Smile.

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