Sunday, December 20, 2009

the cat who was allergic to fish

Six is my slightly chubby, arrogant but loving cat, and has had a strange lesion on her lip that grew bigger until I carried her fat bum to the vet last week (and found muscles in my arms I didn't know I had). The vet found more lesions in her mouth, said a really really long word, and declared that she is probably allergic to fleas and fish.
Treatment includes injections, fastidious flea control, checking all food, no licking from tuna cans and definitely no drinking from the goldfish bowl (goldfish food has fish in it. She's been drinking fish water for years).
What kind of a cat is allergic to fish? It's absurd. Like a dog allergic to bones. Then the vet told me that the other possible diagnosis is cancer. So suddenly I'm okay about the fish allergy thing.


Rebecca said...

I hope its the fish thing too. one of my cats is so accident prone he's at the vets all the time.

74 Lime Lane said...

not bones, beef. I have a labrador allergic to beef (actually more of an intolerance - too much and it gets very messy)
very absurd

Niki said...

oh poor kitty! My cat in QLD sends his love to your cat and says MEOW MEOW MEOW MEOWWW (which apparently translates to "get better soon!")