Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sophie & Marie

Sophie and Marie are this guys sisters, made to fit those cute dresses from way back when. They have soft ginger hair with a lace bow, removable dresses and if you peek you can see their green underwear. They are big enough for cuddles and small enough to accompany new friends on outings and visits.

Sophie likes to play pretend, feed ducks at the pond and listen to bed-time stories. Marie prefers dressing up, picnics and singing along to nursery rhymes.

Sophie is in my etsy shop; Marie is available on blue caravan.


Christina said...

How adorable! I love their soft hair and pretty dresses.

Right, I definitely need to have a girl next!


shine little light* said...

They are awesome! I like Sophie (coz we have the same name) *s*

The Creative Beast said...

theses dollys are adorable! it makes me want to start making rag dolls again =-)

did you make these from scratch without a pattern?? they look great if you did =-)

REread said...

cute ...