Sunday, July 12, 2009

favourite green things

This week, Pip's word and pictures is 'green'. I've posted about my love of green before, so this time I thought I'd show you some of my favourite green things.


Vege seeds for the garden yum, nice way to spend a sunday afternoon
'Anne of Green Gables' one of my favourite books growing up
Succulent plant, a farewell gift from a parent when I left OSHC
Porcelian turtle who lives under my computer monitor and keeps me company
Shawl-in-progress with super lovely soft wool that will-be-finished-one-day
Thread. because I like thread.
Pepper grinder, a present from my favourite twin sister and used every day
I love that this theme happens to be my favourite colour.
I hope your weekend is just lovely!


Rolley said...

haha that's awesome, it was nice to see a heap of your green things. Green suits you - its a wonderful natural happy colour.. I like green too, my favourite greens are yellowy green (chartreuse?) like on tie dyed shirts, and steely-blue-greens like natural viridian pigments or storm cloud dusks.

ps... that green variegated yarn is awesome!

Jayne said...

Ah! Anne of Green Gables! One of my favorite books, as well! Seeing that title on the binding just made me the happiest person! xxxx

kellie said...

A lovely collection of green pictures.