Monday, July 27, 2009

I made this!

Pip at Meet Me at Mike's is giving away a copy of her lovely craft book. To be in the running for this crafty goodness (and the photos! Oh!) you need to post something that you've made. I haven't made much at all lately, but here are my map butterflies, I made them months ago and they flutter above my doorway in the breeze (not on the kitchen cupboards, like here..)

Apologies for the not-so-good photo, my trusty camera finally died and I am wandering around trying not to see lovely things becuase I can't capture them. Here is one of the last photos she took.
And another that she chose to scramble in a very artistic way. Oh well.


PS~Erin said...

Oh, that rainbow!

You need to post a how-to on those butterflies. So cute! Love that you used maps!

brown eyed girl said...

I love those butterflies! That's such a great idea. Makes me want to fly away to some far away place:)