Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Knit Up Peeps!

I've posted about guerrilla knitting a few times, remember Knitta Please? Well the founding chickadee herself is in Australia, and coming right here to Sydney! She's been covering the world with knitted goodness, and I think it's freakin' awesome.

"I don't care if I get arrested. There is no freakin' way that I'm leaving this city without tagging something big," Sayeg says.

See the story in the Sydney Morning Herald here

Yeehaa! I'm crossing my fingers for the Harbour Bridge, or the Opera House, (so is pottymouth mama!) I have heard of a guerrilla knitting group in Newtown, but have never found the elusive crew. I think we ought to pick a landmark, statue or corner, spread the word and descend with knitting on a certain date to bomb or own bit of our lovely city. If you're not in town, maybe you could knit up a square or shape and post to me, I'll join them up and post photos of your knitting gracing famous public spaces!

Who's in?


Kylie said...

It's fabulous, isn't it? You Sydney gals need to get out there on a Knitta Stalk..! The sentences for aiding and abetting aren't that bad! :)) Cool post + thanks for visiting mine :) K

B.. said...

Oooo this is awesome!! I'm in =]

Nicki said...

Oh. Oh. Oh!!
I won't have time to knit and send a square....I SO want to.

Ok...well....I'll have to yarn bomb my little Dorset town instead.
Ha. Will check out possible places today........

Nicki x