Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh Knitta Please!

Thank you B.. for finding and sharing an AWESOME WEBSITE made by a group of guerilla knitters doing their thang in a sweet way (didn't mean to sound so bling there, but that's how it rolls, brothas. woah. should stop now.)

If you enjoy random knitting installations in unexpected suburbian places all over the world, go roll your eyes over knittaplease.

(While your wandering, go check out B's lovely blog Just Passing By, it's sweet like an icecream in the park.)
Hope your weekend is going just ace. I'm almost *gasp* sick of sewing as I race to finish the pieces for the exhibition. Thank you for all the lovely comments, emails and support! You rock!


Jayne said...

ohmygoodness that bus is brilliant!

Hannah said...

I love that bus!!!!

Jen said...

That's fantastic!