Thursday, June 4, 2009 maybe.

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In the interests of being a Little More Svelte ( I just love that word. Svelte. Try it.) I was inspired by this awesome gal to join this wondrous lass and start movin'. Uh-huh. Bring on the sneakers, the cold morning air, aching thighs, the.. urgh.. Well check out the cute-as-a-button button on the side bar there, move it with mike's. If you're not sure now, just do it for the button! I'll dig out my sneakers tonight and walk to work tomorow. Unless it's raining. Or I sleep in. No, I will. Maybe.
Meanwhile, I sure am doing a spectacular job at procrastinating. My first week with uni and I haven't.done.a.single.thing. Somehow reading blogs is much more important. I DID order a textbook. Phew.
All this talk of exercising and studying. I might go have a beer. Seriously. Maybe my motivation is hiding at the pub. I'll let you know if I find it.


Rolley said...

hehe, so.. was your motivation hiding under a glass of bubbling ale?

potty mouth mama said...

Go you! I am yet to go walking, have had such a hectic weekend, but reading this you've re-motivated me. Tomorrow I walk!