Tuesday, June 30, 2009

off they go!

all bundled up and sent off to the U.S of A for this exhibition.

A small group, but I sewed my fingers off on saturday and almost totally.lost.the.sewing.mojo. And that would be a terrible thing, so I stopped before my eyes rolled backwards in my head and while I could still go outside to feel the sun on my toes.
There's a few new additions to the gang, but not all of them; I made some more including the 'monster imposter' but wasn't really satisfied with them and thought it better to send off the ones I was happy with. Otherwise I've ended up with one in the book and every time I looked at it I'd be thinking, 'Oh I should have just... and that bit there...'. You'll see the other dudes soon enough! (what's with me today? Dudes? Gang? have I woken up in the 'hood?)
. Mixed Tape

and 'think you're crazy' bunny, Hannibal Lector style.
It was a bit sad to let them go..

But I'm sure they'll be ok.


Rolley said...

WOW!!! you've done the best job ever!!!! good on you!!!!! How exciting, you so gotta lemmi know how it all goes ; ) roll

Nicki said...

Wow Pepper!
I didn't realise how big he was!!
they look great (and I love the mix tape)....will you get them all back?

I'm still day dreaming about 'our' shop....craft cafe/stationary store/whatever!

Have a lovely day,

nicki x

Jayne said...

Ohmygoodness, Pepper! Good for you! I love that mixtape, by the way - obviously, you know my obsession with such lovely musical things. ;) Oh, and I had no idea that adorable monster was so big! Wows! <3

P.S. Your CD should be on its way to you! So sorry for the delay!

Anonymous said...

Oh my good lord Pepper! I want that big one to be my boyfriend!

Anonymous said...

Oh golly! These are absolutely f.a.n.t.a.s.t.i.c! Your sewing skills are impressive.

PS. LOVE that mix tape.