Monday, June 22, 2009

week in pictures

I am sorry I have been away, I have missed you.
I have had one.of.those.weeks. One of those ones when you’re not.quite.sure. what you’re doing here. When you walk into rooms and then frown and walk out again. When you just.can’ Hmm..

I think everyone has days like this, even a week like me. I know it will pass. Here is my week in pictures, like this lovely lass does every Friday.

Abandoned whitegoods look lonely
.Toy phones are cute even if they are a bit wonky
Someone in this house plays cello. I walk under the blue shutters and hope one day I can make mistakes that good.
. Yum cha is yummy
I like finding love hearts, so do these people, and these guys too.
Wandering my downtown at night

I hope your week has been just swell, and I'm looking forward to catching up on your blogs and seeing what you've been up to!


Rolley said...

mm yeah I know those days, or weeks : ) But, luckily, isn't it nice when you also have those days or weeks when you walk in to a room, and realise that you've been smiling for who knows how long? And you realise why and it makes you smile more : )


Anonymous said...

your downtown looks suspiciously like my downtown!
Thanks very much for the message on my blog.
You have a very nice blog and seem lovely.