Monday, June 1, 2009

Today I am...

I am feeling a bit flu-y today, perhaps an outlet from such stress buildup from the coming of not one, but two audits coming up at work that yours truly has had to do an awful lot of preparation, checking and stressing about. Never mind the actual audits themselves. Good Lord.

Anyway I got up to go to work but it was such a struggle, my body aches, my throat is sore. so I stopped. and emailed. and made some tea. I'm now wearing half office wear (tights, skirt, nice top) and half home wear (Ugg boots, cardigan).
I am;

watching ABC kids (just me. yep, alone.) downloading my first unit (Learning, Teaching and Assessment) of brand-spanking-new bachelor starting today.
still dreaming about this shop

writing in my journal

worried about this baby. I noticed a few days ago that she is making an awful whimper leading up to a yowl when I touch her tail. Now she is holding it funny. It kinda bends near the tip. That can't be good. She's also more needy and follows me though the house, trying to sit in my lap (as she is right now), but that was hard to tell as she's such a princess normally anyway. I am worried about her and fear it may be time to give lots of money to men in white coats again.

drinking lots and lots of tea. I'll try to make every 3rd one honey and lemon..
I love how the pictures in this post seem to be green. (Yes, that was accidentally. I'm not so tricky to actually colour coordinate my posts. Maybe I ought to.)
What are you doing today?

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Niki said...

I hope the kitty is ok. Apparently it's extremely painful if/when they dislocate their tails.

My kitty went to the vet last week with a lump on his tail and it turned out to be bruising from a bite. Silly kitty getting into fights!