Saturday, May 30, 2009

would you come and visit?

so I have been dreaming (again) of how I would like to spend my days.. Then I came across this retail property for rent across the road from one of my favourite parks.
there it is, the red one. And yes, that's a yellow bus stop right out the front.
Do you see what I see?
I see...
barstools at the counter for little crafting stations. A long table for crafty meetings, and crafty tutorials

seasonal window displays, starting maybe with fabric clouds and rain drops for winter with monsters wrapped in warm scarves

armchairs next to shelves of pre-loved craft books like this one or this one. Big prints framed on the (maybe green?) walls.
teapots with cosies and coffee plungers, rows of hooks under the counter for mugs and teacups, and a jar for spare change
a wall of embroidery thread of every colour. Big jars of buttons. Racks of ribbons, threads, notions. Bundles of soft wool, rolls of felt, boxes of vintage sewing patterns. Tall cube shelves with vintage suitcases on top to hold extra stock.

a big noticeboard for this months sewing project, upcoming tutorial dates, brown owls meeting times, markets, second-hand sewing machines, giveaways

A clipboard for people to join the mailing list. A little e-zine for the shop with upcoming projects, and craft tips, and the tutorials, what's on-sale, and blogger profiles

Shelves like tiny market stalls for people (like those damn talented people on etsy and so many of you crafty bloggers) to sell their gorgeous creations

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me in the corner chatting, sipping tea, creating, knitting, typing, smiling.

That's what I see. Would you come and visit?


Rolley said...

I totally see it all, and you with it.. love it! Would I visit? Hell yeah!!!!!! You'd have to kick me out I'd stay so long!

A Life So Peachy said...

You wouldn't be able to get rid of me! Sounds wonderful & suspiciously familiar to my dreams too. Only things is, I don't have the guts- I would love to see one of us have a go!


Anonymous said...

I would be there with bells on. What a dream place

Kylie said...

Yes!!! That would be amazing! I would sit in a corner on a comfy chair with my caramel latte and cross-stitch :D

Rolley said...

oh oh, and I could swing past with home grown home roasted coffee and brew shots for your coffee loving customers!!

potty mouth mama said...

YES!! love your vision. Sounds really fantastic. Go forth and conquer.

Danielle said...

Yep - and when in Brisbane you can visit my crafty place that I dream about :-)

Soph said...

i would reduce my workload to part time just so i could volunteer to help run the place. would i visit? is that a trick question?

Niki said...

This is cool, if only it was in the same state as me!

Thea said...

It's an excellent idea and I'm sure it would catch on! I would visit when in Sydney. Remember, if you can imagine it, it can become a reality.

Bek said...

Sounds pretty wonderful! One could catch the bus there!

The Crafty Librarian said...

That's what I need, Pepper...some place awesome in Sydney to hang out and spend loads of money. Let me know when you open :op I'll bring you a shop warming present!