Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Jayne from The Little Passenger has made me a mix cd! What an awesomely sweet thing to do! I am so excited! Look at this supremely awesome goodness! (can you tell that I am excited?! Is it the liberal use of exclamation marks that gives it away?!)

the pepper compilation
(1) "i love you, awesome" - the phoenix foundation
(2) "funny shadow" - age pryor & tessa rain
(3) "blood and peanut butter" - bc camplight
(4) "parentheses" - the blow
(5) "emmawood" - buildings breeding
(6) "bruises" - chairlift
(7) "it's my own cheating heart that makes me cry" - glasvegas
(8) "you and i" - ingrid michaelson
(9) "you are the light {by which i travel i travel into this and that}" - jens lekman
(10) "cha cha cha" - the little ones
(11) "daylight" - matt & kim
(12) "little drummer girl" - buildings breeding
(13) "all the wine" - the national
(14) "people got a lotta nerve" - neko case
(15) "calling and not calling my ex" - okkervil river
(16) "life on a chain" - pete yorn
(17) "apples and tangerines" - the phoenix foundation
(18) "sentimental heart" - she & him
(19) "awkward kisser" - telekinesis
(20) "this is the one" - the stone roses
An unexpected bonus of this blogging business, reading inspiring stories and meeting such incredible people that just make my day! Thank you so much Jayne, I can't wait to lie upside down with a glass of wine and listen to this baby.

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