Friday, May 8, 2009

whooo whoooo

On Wednesday I went to my first Brown Owls meeting, and it was lovely!

First, pep talks from a work collegue (don't be nervous, you only meet them once and after that they won't be strangers anymore!) and my housemate (go! a bunch of people with similar interests, you'll have fun. Don't you turn around half way and come back!) and I was off on my bike with a paper bag of current craftiness to complete.

I wandered through the bookstore for half an hour, too shy to go upstairs (it's a very nice bookstore by the way!), but then I took a deep breath, trudged up the stair, took a seat and pulled out my knitting.

Me= 1 Shyness=0

I had a lovely time chatting and soaking in all the craftiness. It was just swell to sit amongst all that thread and fabric and stitchin' and knitting and discussion of various techniques and craft fails and craft successes. I also met some fine bloggers I have been following for a while, it's a strange feeling to meet someone and already know that they have a penchant for trolleys, or a collection of teacups.
(Note: Jess, the lovely lass with the penchant for tea cups and books is hosting a surprise giveaway to celebrate her 100th post! Head over to her sweet blog The Crafty Librarian to enter.)
You can see more photos at the Brown Owls members blog. Can't wait for the next meeting!


Jayne said...

Wow that bookstore looks fantastic! I could sit in there all day, sniffing the new-book smell! I'm glad you ended up going to the meeting, it sounds like you had a lot of fun! Meeting new people with the same interests is always inspiring, isn't it? Oh, and whatever bread you all are having in that second picture looks delicious!

Soph said...

I got the pep talks too before I went! (that's me in the blue shirt) It def paid off, I can't wait till the next one, and Finders Keepers!