Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This morning I am sitting snugly with my cup of tea, having arrived cheerfully and earlier than I expected because I got every green light! And intersection! All the way to work! I glided here on my bike like a freakin’ superstar.

This phenomenon is known all around the world. My sister likes to call it ‘Running the Gauntlet’ down a particular stretch of road in Brisbane littered with lights. Also known as ‘The Green Mile’, or ‘Green Run’, or just plain ‘Miraculous’.

No matter where you are, getting to where you’re going unencumbered is like winning a victory. You smile, you punch the air, you feel, well, victorious!

When was your last perfect run? (and what do you call it?) Do tell!

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Rolley said...

Oy! yes! Nice work. I have a similar one (no name though), if I get all the green lights I get to work in around 4 minutes maybe less, if I don't I get to work in about 7-8 minutes, so um, either way it's not that bad for me hehe.

Last time I aced it all though was last week! When I do ace it, I'm usually disappointed because the song I'm listening too hasn't even finished yet hehe. Sometimes I'll just sit in the car, in the carpark, to hear the end.