Sunday, May 24, 2009

She looks like ET doesn't she

the doll for this project. . Do you think some eyebrows would help?


M* (Melanie) said...

I don't think she looks like ET at all. I think she is beautiful. As for the eyebrows...can you cut short bits of thread and kind of stick them on as false eyebrows and take a photo so I can compare? Is that asking for too much? Have I overstepped the line of commenting etiquette?

Rebecca said...

She's really sweet, and I'm sure a little girl will adore her eyebrows or no eyebrows!

I like the new look of the blog and the banner especially!

Rolley said...

No way, she is definitely not ET'ish! She's awesome : ) It'll make a little kid have a smile, day dreams, a friend, and much more. Love it.

Not sure, I think the eye brows is a minor thing, both would look good I think : )

Jayne said...

this doll is adorable! not ET-esque at all! <3