Tuesday, May 26, 2009

remember this guy?

for this project. Well here he is, hanging out on the stove (it's got good lighting, ok?)

Still some stitching to do around his eyes, and I don't know about the beanie, what do you think? It would have to be a bloody big beanie! (Plus I could use the lovely green wool for a scarf for me..) His tattooed arms are ready to sew up and attach- but I'm out of pillows! (also my first attempt at embroidering tattoos, I started simple but I think it's pretty uh-huh.)
I ransacked my bed and gutted two pillows and two cushions to stuff him; I ran out of the nice firm pillow stuffing in his giant head, and had to use squishy cushion filling that has made his bum all squishy and unstable and mushy. I like my monsters with nice firm bums thank.you.
I don't have a car, I don't relish the thought of balancing bags of stuffing on my bike- does anyone know who you can order delivered stuffing from in Sydney?


M* (Melanie) said...

OMG that is fantastic! Look how big he is! He must make a great cuddle and judging by the fact you had to gut two pillows that's a good thing! You may need him to sleep with!

I don't think he needs a beanie. I think he looks great as is.

As for stuffing, well I'm a Melbournite. I am assuming you have Lincraft up there? They do online ordering now. I'd try looking at Ebay too. You're more likely to get it cheaper there.

pepper said...

ooh of course! thanks M, I'll have a look (and he is an EXCELLENT huggabble size, the 3 ppl who have seen him in person immediately hugged him tight)