Friday, August 21, 2009

WE ARE... happy

Loving this collaborative project that brings together etsy artists to illustrate a monthly themed colouring book. It's printed on lovely thick paper and this edition features 14 artists. Also the theme is splendid. (Almost said awesome. Used thesaurus. Excellent.)

It's the WE ARE... colouring book. Tremendous.


REread said...

how cool ... we are impressed

Anonymous said...

hi there!

i got to see some of your stuff in a gallery in DC a month ago or so and loved it - especially the "i like you" mix tape. i was actually wondering if it'd be possible to get one from you? do you have an address where I can PM you?

pepper said...

hi there mr/miss anonymous,
That's super, how was the gallery? I saw photos but would love to hear from someone who checked it out! I'm sure glad you liked my stuff, and I'd be happy to make a mix tape for you, that'd be swell. Gee Whiz. you can email me at let me know if you'd like it just the same & same quote on the back, or I can stitch whatever your heart desires :). Also your name, unless you want to stay secretive, I don't mind. Feels like we're playing spys or I ought to be writing in code..
x Pepper