Tuesday, August 4, 2009

well hello there Sue

I've got myself a new camera *drum roll here*, she is simple, but lovely. She needs a simple and lovely name. Like Sue. So I just wandered around the house taking random photos of knick knacks and cats. As you do.

I haven't read the instruction manual yet, I'm a fan of 'auto' settings, and this one does them well. To get me in the groove I'm going to join up with Jess from A Life So Peachy and do a Photo a Day in August (started by The Byron Life). I'm a little late, but consider this Day 4.

While I was roaming around blogs being inspired, I ran into Amelie and Atticus, so I'm going to join their photo challenge too!

And I'm still finishing off shots for this art project / exhibition co-op thingy (yes, that is the scientific term..)

When will they get around to inventing cameras for eyes? When I was a kid I would imagine that, and whenever I saw something beautiful or interesting I would blink hard and go 'CLICK!'

I've decided to not post a photo every day, but wait until the end of the week and post 'em all at once

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Niki said...

Great pic! Love your kitty kat too! :)