Friday, August 21, 2009

travel size

Do you remember when I went on a monster binge a while back? When I brought out the very first one I made, my lovely sweet awesome housemate Ruth stared, and without a word tucked him under her arm, named him Weeoo, and refused to give him back. Now she is jetting off to Morocco in only 2 sleeps and with very limited packing space cannot take frivolous things, even if they do have three eyes and are very very cute. That made her a bit sad.

So I made her a travel Weeoo. Pocket sized. With handy keyring attachment.
He's gonna travel the world, keep her safe and after all the fun and amazing journeys and new friends and sites seen and general incredibleness, bring her back home to drink wine, talk about boys and mull over the meaning of life. Oh and eat holoumi. Best.Cheese.Ever.
I'm going to miss you Ruth.


Bek said...

Oh how adorable! What a thoughtful gift.

Niki said...

So cute, and nom nom to Haloumi! It's so darn tasty!