Saturday, October 24, 2009

my bedside

The light isn't very good which doesn't make for good photos, but I think you've seen this before; my quilt, my pile of books to read, an embroidered cushion from my sister, suitcase of fabric and flip clock that clicks in the night. Usually a pile of bobbypins, a used mug or two, my phone with an extra alarm set,
For this weeks 'My Place and Yours' meme from Meet Me At Mikes. I'm enjoying peeking at what other people have by their bed, you can see more here.

via don't foget to fly

I really love this bedside.

from HomeSweetHome

And oh my, isn't this the sweetest? I've always wanted an alcove bed like this, so darn cozy.
I also like this bed very.much.

and this one too.


marian said...

evrything nice & close & handy..your bed looks so comfy too!

Pearlin J said...

Love that light by your bedside .What is it made of?

Anonymous said...

You have the coolest lamp, and I love those telephones.

REread said...

i could float away on that bed boat right now

Pip Lincolne said...

Your room is so lovely! Yes it is! I love the quilt and the other fabricky bits and bobs. It looks cosy and sweet and inspiring and restful!

AND I love that alcove bed a LOT! Sigh. Oh. I do!


Bek said...

I love the tree bed too. Your quilt is really cool- and the lamp? Awesomeness.

Aussie-waffler said...

Your teepee style lamp is very cool and that boat-bed just makes me swoon. What fabulous beds you have found.

Danielle McDonald said...

That lamp is amazing. Clever of you to share some inspiring bedsides too!

sheryl said...

The Tree bed is my def my fav as well i found it also start of this year and fell in love..... and fancy that the floataway bed ...looks as though its in tauranga in new zealand with the mount behind it. funny thats where i come from. heehee