Sunday, October 18, 2009

say it with a cushion

I little whiles ago I made a cushion for some friends housewarming party. I tried to sum up the house in a few words, and came up with 'hell yeah'! It was ace. The party I mean, and the cushion too. I drew up a speech bubble and improvised, and stitching the letters on the machine was easier than I expected. I meant to tell you ages ago, but you know I've been a bit sick and I'm just catching up now!
So I improved on the prototype and created another one. hello. This one has cursive writing, a better pattern and a handle on the back for easy posing when the occasion arises, so you don't have to hold it awkwardly.
They are big enough to be comfy and squishy, made from heavy calico so they're durable and are fully washable. They're in my store now as a custom order (with ideas for personalised text) and I plan to make some off-the-shelf ones too. My (french) housemate would like 'bon jour', and I was thinking 'sweet dreams', 'you're lovely' and 'uh-huh'.
What words would you see on a speech-bubble cushion?

(here's the original cushion, now I feel a bit bad because they have the prototype, and perhaps I ought to replace with a better one?)


Pepper said...

I just have to say hello to another Pepper on the other side of the world!

Virginia said...

That is awesome!

I would put "um... no"

on a speech bubble pillow.

PottyMouthMama said...

Don't feel bad - they have the original, it's where it all started! I love your cushions, they are super duper cool.

Creative Beast said...

love the pillow idea!

how about:
"create, everyday" for a phrase?

everything but the kitchen sink said...

one of the cutest ideas i've seen in awhile!!
absolutely fabulous!