Monday, October 5, 2009

oh, I do so mush

through the park, past the joggers and on the way to the duck pond.
I love you so mush?


Kylie said...

It's a very mushy tree ;) K

Creative Beast said...

i'm participating in Blogtoberfest and stopped by for a peek...i LOVE your little antler boy! he is the cutest thing =-)

also loved your post on the "unhappiness muse" and you ask some great questions about using unhappiness as a source of inspiration...

I think i use creativity and art-making to get me out of my unhappiness when i am in a bad place but i do love to make things so being unhappy doesn't last long once the creativity starts flowing =-)

i will have to try to your free patterns - i'm sure they will be great fun! you have a great blog - thanks for creating it and sharing who you are here! =-)