Saturday, February 20, 2010

my week in pictures

My first fresh raspberries. Like having lollies for breakfast.
My friends boyfriends red shoes at her gig in the city.
Blowing bubbles from the garden wall.

My favourite bento lunchbox was nicked from my bicycle basket. Basteerds.
Firemen at 4am, wrapping duct tape over the house alarm that wouldn'
Oops I've done it again. Been too busy all week to post, and now I have several things to say-at-once.. I'll try to space it out!
Hope your week was awesome x


Vic said...

Fantastic photos... what a week... Damn those bento box stealing so & sos!!!

Megan said...

raspberries - just delicious! are they your first home grown ones or your first time trying them? i so much agree with you about the lolliness of them.

Maria Rose said...

Great photos. Now I want raspberries!