Monday, February 15, 2010

ballerina monster

Remember when I was pondering a ballerina monster? Well here she is. I think she's a bit cute, really.

She's hanging out in my shop, along with

some lovely gift certificates I made. The text on them reads;
Oh my you lucky thing, you have in your lovely hand a gift certificate for the Pepper Stitches store. Go have a look, at what you can get, go on! and don’t forget you can use this to purchase custom orders too.

I like. I hope you like too.


The Creative Beast said...

I LOVE IT!! the ballerina and your gift certificate =-) but especially the ballerina having studied ballet in the past...

i hope you have a few more of your darling ballerina in your store so i can find a way to scrape together a few dollars to buy her - right now all my funds are going to the Artful Journey retreat and getting my taxes done...thankfully, i'm getting money back! maybe when the refund comes in..?

i love your 'softies'!!

Jetta's Nest said...

She's just gorgeous (although I am quite partial to monsters)...I love her satin ballet slippers!

clare's craftroom said...

She is sooo cute !

sweetwilliam said...

Lovely to have found a new bloggy neighbour!

Ida Nielsen said...

Oh my, what a cutie!!