Saturday, November 7, 2009

antlers away!

I thought I'd never say it, but maybe I have made enough scarves for now? Perhaps? This could be the beginning of the end for scarves, and the start of something new..

I went to the fabric store this morning *sigh* in the city, paused to wonder at christmas displays and moving puppets in the windows, had a nice train ride, and only spent 100 bucks. I have fur for monsters and rick rack to try something new, and some fine cream tulle that I couldn't go past. Monster ballerina? It could work, yes?
(p.s.) I'm updating this guy and the others in my shop now


Bek said...

A monster ballerina. Yes please!

Selina said...

Yes! Monster ballerina would totally work for me!!

Kylie said...

Love tulle - especially in unexpected places! K