Sunday, November 22, 2009




Firstly thanks so much for your words and thoughts, they help more than you know.
On blog rounds I have also been inspired by 31 experiment who is doing a series of posts on gratitude, and ShineaLittleLight's post about thankfulness, which got me onto this super little blog thxthxthx which features a thank you note a day. Like the ones above.
I also read this week that a study found that after writing down things they were grateful for, after a few weeks people were 25% happier. TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT people!
So I have a little red notebook, and I will start a thank you list, a bit like 1000 awesome things, every day write a few more in until I get to one thousand. Every day has things in it that I am thankful for, even if they've happen a thousand times before. Every day is full of things I am thankful for, if I look for them, and I will write them down.
Number one is going to be you.


Shine a Little Light said...

Eep! Awesome! Sometimes it is so hard to write, but it alwasy leaves me feeling better.

PottyMouthMama said...

You are ALWAYS full of good ideas. I love that.

fenandned said...

Oh sorry I've nothing intelligent to say on my first visit (doubt I will on any to be honest) But the fart note above is so funny, thanks for making me chuckle out loud!
Sarah x

Vanessa said...

I am a huge believer in positive thinking :)
I look forward to having a good look around your blog.
Thanks for stopping by mine,
All the best

The Creative Beast said...

glad you are doing better and i love the gratitude journal you are starting - what a great idea!

you might want to check out this site about happiness:
it's got lots of great info on what makes people happy and it's different for everyone - i like the interviews a lot =-)

trixi said...

It's amazing the difference that writing something down as opposed to just thinking it can make. Love those notes, think it's an awesome idea!