Sunday, November 1, 2009

my sentiments exactly

What the hell happened? I knew October was ending, but somehow November always creeps up and scares to crap out of me. Where has the year gone, where was I, and where do I want to be for the next one?
And am I going to go through the pretence of making my own Christmas cards again only to procrastinate and spend the 5 days before Christmas madly sticking stars on cardboard and recklessly slashing my friend list so I am frickin' done already?


Anonymous said...

OH Amen Sister!!!
Its as if the celebration of spring very suddenly descends into the fear of not making your Mum's Christmas present on time because you spent to long making Baileys Irish Cream truffle things for people at work who you don't even like that much and damn it why is what I am doing on NYE such a big deal any how, I'm 29 not 19 and argh!!

Yeah Sorry, I get stressed just thinking about Christmas time.

Bek said...

Oh yeah, that little man in the illo says it all. I am like a bewildered time traveller. I just never knew how to put it into words.