Sunday, November 1, 2009

where the magic happens..

I often have lots of ideas for posts on the fly and are too busy to post, then of course when I have a moment to sit down at home, in front of the computer with a cup of tea, I can't.think.of.a.single.thing.
This is (another) reason I love memes. Easy, sharing something interesting, linking with other bloggers and indulging in curiousity by seeing what everyone else does too.

This week's My Place and Yours is Blog HQ, hosted by Pip. Please excuse the clutter, we have a friend staying, so everything is kind of compressed to fit the fold out couch. To the right there is the kitchen where my housemates cook dinner and chat to me at my desk. My desk, where I write posts and look at photos, spend hours reading blogs and news and watching inane clips on youtube or silly pictures of animals with captions. Yes, I am one of those people.

Speaking of silly, I find it silly that sometimes I find myself spending all day on my computer at work, then jot home so I can spend half the night on one too. Remember when they didn't exist? Whatever did we do?
If you squint hard at this little photo, you might see the unicorn I found, the fish-with-no-name, that little turtle, Anne of Green Gables, part of a boardgame collection and a new monster waiting to go into the shop.


marian said...

what a fab space, cheerful and the window too!

Sara said...

ooh I loved Anne of Green Gables! Your windows are very very lovely, I've always wanted ones like those!