Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pepper is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

My mum always said, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

So I've been a bit quiet lately. I have been a bit gray. Sad, and scared and lonely. Not all the time, but sometimes all at once.

I don't want to have a ultra-sweetener blog that is always sunny. It's part of me, and right now I'm a bit gray. I thought I would just let you know that I'm still here, and I am enjoying reading your blogs and your thoughts and everyday lives. I hope you will stick with me in the gray, and soon I will return to normal multi-colour services.
x Pepper


The Creative Beast said...

i'm more than happy to hang with you in your grey space and i'm glad you chose to honor your sad feelings...sometimes just acknowledging those feelings can help them ease their way out.

BTW: i've been looking into To Write Love On Her Arm and it looks like an amazing organization doing amazing work to bring light to what the world of depression looks like - i've been there and that topic is near to my heart. Thanks for sharing a great organization!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pepper!
Just to let you know I did notice you were not posting as much - I know the grey feelings, for me they are blue sheet days.
They generally suck and I end up getting embarrassed/guilty about having them and not talking to my friends and they get all worried and I feel guilty and then that makes me feel worse and I go back to bed..
When I do talk to people I feel better though, and they (the people) are so happy to see you again.
I wrote that big ramble in case you are not calling your pals, as they would want you to.
- And thank you for sharing with us.
Enjoy reading in your fort though, is highly important to have fort time.
-And maybe try an evening walk, I find grass under my feet helps!


Cath from chunkychooky said...

I will keep checkin' in. Big huuuuuugsssssss x

Shine a Little Light said...

whatcha reading at the moment? gray is one of my favourite colours, but its nice to add some calming blue. Hope the skies change for you soon enough. *s*

Bek said...

Doesn't sound like you are having much fun. Of course I will stick around. Life isn't always sunshine and colour- I appreciate your honesty.

Jodie said...

I'm sending you a bit of yellow, and a splash of green. Hope your colours return soon.

Rachael Everitt said...

big hugs lovely. they're just normal feeling that we all have. it really shows who you are as a person to acknowledge and accept them and ride them out. you are beautiful and very talented and know in my heart that you will gain from these experiences and be stronger for it.
my love to you miss pepper.

trixi said...

Hi Pepper, I say there's nothing wrong with grey. The grey is there to make you realise how beautiful all the other colours are and to help you appreciate them properly.

PottyMouthMama said...

Hi toots, I hope you've had a great day today. I hope you got to spend plenty of time with your beautiful catty, and laze about the house. Those are some of my best days. Except we don't have a cattie. But man I wish we did. I will always pop in and say hi. I've been slack on the commenting front, but I always read.

Anyway, HI! Grey or no grey, you're the top. xxx

Niki said...

Sending you lots of rainbow wishes to come and brighten your day - hopefully one day soon. The grey days suck but I do believe they're important. Because the colourful ones wouldn't look as bright if we didn't have the comparisson huh?

I'm please that you have your kitties with you though. And all of those fabulous stuffed toys you create.

Thoughts are with you.