Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Follower- Chicuff by Daneve

I cannot quite believe I have over 100 followers. 111 to be exact. It's quite lovely to imagine so many peeps looking at my pictures and sipping tea (you DO all drink tea, don't you? I will imagine so.)

I want to know more about all of you, as well as share your delightfullness and craftiness with everyone as a way to show my appreciation and say thanks!

And so *drum roll* I introduce my Friday Follower! (I borrowed this awesome idea from Thea and Sami, a textile designer- do go say hi!) For my first follower, I've picked out Daneve- we've only just met, but I like her already.

Daneve has a lovely blog called Chicuff. Her design message is simple: 'Don't discard it...have fun & be CREATIVE!' Chicuff designs are unique, wearable art transformed from rescued and recycled Environmental "Green" bags. Each piece is individual with a unique past, present & future story of its own.'

(taken and amended from Chicuff by Daneve)

I especially love these door brooches, part of her 'knock knock' series.

And these recyled envelopes from sheet music..

You can find these (and other lovely things) in the Chicuff etsy store and Chicuff Made it store .
Daneve has also started a Op-Shop Challenge coinciding with the start of her other blog, Brissy Op Shops! If you live in Brisbane, I do recommend having a look. Actually even if you don't. Go have a look.
Nice to meet you Daneve!


rachel awes said...

i love this favorite piece/the lines in her hair are red licorice delicious! her whole outfit's adorable & it is so sweet to hold our special beings close to us! x

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much I feel very honored to be your first heheh and yes I love the drawing very fitting as I am a redhead and I have a cat hehe..
I am glad we have met to through this lovely Blog Land...xox

Thea said...

Ooh, nice to see that my Friday Follower idea is catching on. I have met Daneve and she is sweetie that keeps coming up with cool upcycling ideas. Must go check out her new blog now.