Sunday, April 11, 2010

my week in pictures

amazing brekky with beautiful friend. Hotcakes AND bacon!

Went for a walk and found this random sign. I laughed.

Lawn bowls. White dress code.

Holding a baby girl named Billy. 9 weeks old, held her for almost 2 hours. Bliss.
Watching James Bond movies with the Boy

Tea and Asterix & Obelix waiting to go out for Indian. It was delicious.

Graffitti on the way home.

Felt graffitti girl (detail from above)

And it's Sunday already. Sunday! And an abruptly short weekend after last weekend's 4 days of last week's 4 days of chillaxin'. Darn.

Happy week everyone x

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PaperLion said...

I've played lawn bowls a number of times with friends over the last few years but we've never had a white dress code - I LOVE it and will be enforcing it when next we play!