Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been awol for a little while, sorry. My work cut my hours back unexpectedly, and I have been a bit of a stress pot, filling my head with numbers, budgets, alternative work options. After initial freakin’ out, slight bitterness and a lot of tea, I have decided that it is a good thing. I will get to work with kids again. I’ve missed them. I will have more time to sew, and focus on getting stock for my first markets, and filling the shop. People live off this kind of thing, right?
Remember when I made more space for sewing, because I decided to take it a bit more seriously? Well I’ve taken that to a whole new level. I’ve dismantled my big bed and stored it in the shed, and bought a single loft bed on ebay. I sleep up high which is a bit like school camps combined with sharing bunk beds with my sister. And if Boy comes over, we’ll share the spare mattress on the floor. But oh the space! The space!

I have a sewing table, an ironing table, a big table just.for.working.on. Lots of room for cutting out. Lots of room for matching fabrics. Big tubs with works-in-progress. Accessible bookshelf with source and craft books (and kids dvds. Of course.) With the possibility of TWO sewing days, it’s time to get serious, people. I do not want another full-time job. I want to do what I LIKE. So far that has meant..

Starting more cloud mobiles with raindrops, new teddy bears from oh-so-soft woolen blankets. Embroidered drawings on vintage fabric cushions. (In my shop now.) Also ideas for a new custom order for a baby boy, cutting out more cushion covers from sweaters and drawing for a Pepper Stitches range of cards. This is exciting indeed.

I can tighten my belt again (remember way back when?) and I still have work at work, just less. Which gives me more.


Steph said...

Wow! All that crafty space! Sending productive, non-stressy, no money worries vibes your way :)

rachel awes said...

love the less/more insight.
love the room facelift/heartlift.
love the making room for/your room.
looking forward to what emerges. x

Toughie said...

Hi! Nice space :D And that's an awesome attitude. I've been off work since the end of October, and sometimes it is exciting to be able to do what you want :D Good luck with everything :D

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

Wow I love your space! It is fabulous and your big table is just perfect for everything! I love that you sleep above it too! Very dedicated indeed!
Sophie x

Jen said...

Love the bike cushion!
And I'm a bit jealous of the loft bed. When I was in my teens I really wanted a loft bed (Ikea catalogues made them look so great) but my very pragmatic, honest mum told me that probably sometime soon I'd be wanting to bring boys home and they might not be as impressed with my loft bed. But glad you've sorted that dilemma!